Convergence, Ship in the Woods


4 - 11PM




CONVERGENCE is a group exhibition curated by A SHIP IN THE WOODS in partnership with Cabrillo National Monument Conservancy on Saturday, Nov. 14. This ambitious exhibition of site-specific artworks and installations features local and national artists interpreting the convergences and fragmentations of land and water, as well as the habitats and people that are part of the rich ecosystem of the Point Loma peninsula. 

This collaboration between A SHIP IN THE WOODS and Cabrillo National Monument will meld art and science to create a unique series of experiential art projects communicating the value of the region's organic mixture of plants, animals, landforms and waterways that make up the bio-diverse landmass. CONVERGENCE seeks to inspire the viewers' appreciation for their individual and collective actions toward environmental sustainability.

Likewise, other artists will explore the historical relevance and cultural significance of the people that have lived in and around Cabrillo. With 48 established and emerging artists working in tandem with historians and scientists, CONVERGENCE showcases thought-provoking artworks exploring the site from a range of disciplines. Throughout the park, viewers will be able to experience immersive artworks including video projections on the lighthouse; interactive installations, a secret garden, experimental sound installations, a tea ceremony using endemic plants from the Cabrillo National Monument, large scale exhibits made from recycled plastic, performance art, spoken word, mobile augmented reality, projection mapping, kinetic sculptures, sound and light performances, and opportunities for audience participation during the Nov.14th event.

The show's adventurous lineup of innovative artists include:

40toes, Amy AlexanderMarya AlfordTrevor Amery Siobhan Arnold Michael Gerald BauerOlivia BoothRyan Bulis, Mike Calway-Fagen,Andrea Chung Claude Collins-Stracensky Lael Corbin, Walter Cotten, Hugo CrosthwaiteBrian DickTML DunnXuchi NaungayanEggletonHarrell FletcherBecky GuttinKeenan HartstenJoanne HayakawaJames HermanJohanna JacksonChris JohansonNeil KendricksJenna Ann MacGillis, Christopher ManzioneCurt D MillerJ NolandNicholas O’BrienRuben OchoaJulio OrozcoCarlos PelayoScott PolachAndrea PolliAurora Robson, Kim SchreiberEmily SevierJulie ShaferScott ShoemateAlan SonfistNichole SpecialeJim Skalman, Rennie Tang, Perry Vasquez,  Gareth WalshRebecca WebbAllison WieseSimon Wilkinson, and Jason Wright.

Music by:  The DonkeysPall Jenkins, and Preston Swirnoff

My contribution to Convergence took the form as performance entitled "Hands Across Our Borders."  Curators received the following text and were asked to interpret accordingly: 

Lead Facilitator:  Designated individual who provides the training
Supporters:  Individuals who go through training process and assist in implementing intervention.
Participants:  Individuals who engage in intervention
Intention:  To foster interpersonal connection through mindful play.
Lead Facilitator gathers Supporters into circle:
1. Close your eyes.
2. Hold hands in a circle
3. Lead Facilitator reads the following:   "Remember your feeling when you met that person you felt  you knew even before you knew them?  It was as if their face, their features their spirit had been around you forever.  Can you cultivate that feeling with anyone and everyone every day?  That feeling of comfort in knowing them even when you just met? When you shake the peoples' hands today  practice finding that familiarity, finding that feeling of knowing them without knowing them. "
4. Practice handshake: hold both hands of recipient for desirable length of time. Swing hands and arms at desirable sway and rhythm. The goal is to visualize in your head an electric pulse that starts from your hands and pulsates from your hands, to their hands, moving through their arms, moving to the recipient's heart, back from their heart and to your hands. Repeat as necessary.
5. Supporters implement handshakes as they feel appropriate in the ways that feel right.