March 8th 2012 TYR at Art Produce, San Diego

Thank You Rosekind, Personal Seasons Tour, Art Produce


Interactive Performance March 8, 4-6pm @ Art Produce San Diego
Thank You Rosekind have crafted a unique set of art pop songs which they will perform in the Art Produce Garden. Following the live performance will be a short creative collaborative workshop open to all.
Thank You Rosekind - Personal Seasons tour is comprised of artists and musicians, Michael G. Bauer and Joel Chartkoff. Thank You Rosekind, developed from a concept by Bauer in 2009, performs an ongoing series of songs expressing  gratitude to people, places and things. Since adding vocalist Joel Chartkoff in 2011, Chartkoff and Bauer have consistently strived to create motivationally-based pop songs that brighten the spirit and ignite the dance floor with high-energy live performances.
Thank You Rosekind highlights human achievement and positive functioning as a means to promote the continual thriving of individuals, families and communities. Bauer and Chartkoff express these ideas through the pop song medium and experimental workshops. Thank You Rosekind is strongly committed to expressing motivational ideas through music described as “restrained yet spaciously layered electro-pop dreamscapes that are simultaneously airy and watery, blissfully weightless and grounded in minimal bass lines. With titles like DriveYour Dreams, Be Bold, and Emanation, this album [Attention Intention!]is effective for everyday happiness and enlightenment” (Sarah Renee Lehrer-Graiwer).