The Panacea Project

The Panacea Project curated by Bettina Hubby

The Panacea Project


Curated by Bettina Hubby and presented by Klowden Mann at Wekartx. 

September 9-30th
927 S. Santa Fe Ave., 90021

Special performance by Michael G. Bauer and Jeff Hassay

Followed by: TERRY on keyboards

Adrienne Adar, Michael G. Bauer, Nancy Barber, Carl Berg, Agnes Bolt, Cal Clements, Michael Fee, Bob Dornberger, Amanda Yates Garcia, Emma Gray, Bettina Hubby, Alex Miller, Jeremy Shockley, Joe Sola, William Stone, Nicola Vruwink



Fructify Zine Michael G. Bauer and Cydar Bylard Art Pen and Ink Drawing 2016

Fructify (meaning to bear fruit or become productive) is a collaboration between Michael G. Bauer and Cedar Bylard.  The inaugural issue consists of a 12 page photocopied zine of individual pen and ink drawings. This zine is produced in a limited edition of 30 and available for purchase for 2.00 (additional 2.00 for shipping and handling).  To purchase, please click on the link below:

Peak! by Rosekind

Thank You Rosekind Peak!  Album Michael G. Bauer Music

Some 5 years in the making, Peak!  is a 28 minute 9 song album and is set for release Fall of 2016.  Songs are written by Michael G. Bauer, with musical guests Joel Chartkoff, Mark Golamco and Kate Clark.  Songs mixed by Calpin Hoffman-Williamson  More information regarding release date TBA.  





GoFundMe Campaign

Michael G. Bauer Go Fund Me Campaign

Thank you to everyone who donated funds to Thank You Rosekind data recovery campaign. We look forward to finishing the album in the near future. The goal was to accrue funds that would help us recover data from a failed hard drive in order to finish, mix, master and release an album entitled "Peak" and a four song collaborative EP entitled "New Moves". 


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