Friendship Necklace Factory


The Friendship Necklace Factory is an art project initiated by Michael G. Bauer during the Summer of 2014 aiming to explore friendships through the visual expression of necklaces. The purpose of the factory is to create customized and functional friendship necklaces that imbue the spirit of explored friendships.

Friendship Necklace Factory is organized to work primarily with dyadic friendships. Michael G. Bauer or said representatives goes through a multi-step evaluation process to learn about the friendship. After learning about friendship the necklace factory creates necklaces to celebrate and acknowledge unique aspects of the friendship. If there are friend groups composed of three or more who want to participate in this project, further consultation and evaluation is needed.


To ensure the highest quality friendship necklaces possible, Michael G. Bauer has created a unique system for learning how particular friendships function and how they can be successfully represented in the form of friendship necklaces. Below you will find the six stage process.

1. Survey
Participants are asked to fill out a twenty six question survey available online or in print format which explores emotional makeup, experience, and visual representations. This survey helps FNF understand the nature of the friendship.

2. Ethnographic Session

Friendship Necklace Facilitator (FNF) experiences a social activity (preferably a routinized social event) in order to observe the two friends interacting. One goal is to discern particular aspects of this interpersonal connection that are unique to this friendship which will assist in creating an idiosyncratic, customized pair of necklaces for the two friends.

3. Games/Exercises

After the ethnographic session, the FNF facilitates a series of short games and exercises to be performed by the two friends. This data will additionally inform the FNF and help in the creation of the necklaces.

4. Fitting Ceremony

Once necklaces are constructed and ready to share, friends receive their respective necklaces from the FNF. A short celebratory ceremony including music and snacks commences.

5. Documentation Process

The fitting ceremony is documented by picture taking. Friends are asked to pose for a series of photographs. The photographs from session will help make a book which serves as a history of FNF participation.

6 Exit Survey

A short survey which elucidates feelings around the process are given to participants to fill out.

DISCLAIMER: Although Michael G. Bauer and Friendship Necklace Facilitators make an earnest attempt to create aesthetically pleasing objects that will be in the interest of the receiving parties there is no guarantee that participants will like or actually want to wear the made necklaces outside of the context of this project. If you for some reason are dissatisfied with the quality of the necklace produced please notify Michael G. Bauer or FNF facilitator and they will gladly donate your necklace to the project collection. Feel free to write a letter of complaint, although that letter of complaint may be used as creative ephemera for public exhibition in the future. Thank you and may we celebrate the nature of your friendship together!




Michael G. Bauer, August 3rd, 2014

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